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She tells Gianna to picture herself being naked in front of someone she wants to have sex with! She settles back and begins painting, complimenting Gianna's perfect roughout the session, Natasha is clearly more focused on her daughter's hot body than the painting. Gianna is embarrassed and a bit uncomfortable, but Natasha assures her with a smile that she'll get the hang of it while returning to the paint easel. Natasha runs her hands along

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Gianna's naked body to get her into a pose that Natasha likes. Natasha says that she'll ease her into it until she's feeling confident. Posing For Mom, gianna Dior returns home, announcing to her step-mom that she's home. Natasha giggles and playfully says that Gianna doesn't have to lie - she's the cool mom, remember? She's barely moved more than a few steps into the home when. Or maybe Gianna likes girls - that's okay, too, because the girls are definitely going to be all over Gianna with her newfound confidence! She gasps as Natasha's hand brushes against her pussy, looking uncertain but also finally sold, caught up in the heat of the moment.

femmes nues et bonnes bar serveuse seins nue nimes

Gianna is shocked, flustered as she hugs her body in an insecure way. Natasha Nice hurries over, greeting her. This is strictly professional, more or less! Natasha's encouragement seems to work and Gianna gradually becomes a little more confident. Eventually, that intensity turns to hunger as she bites her lip and/or the end of her paintbrush and suggests more confident and provocative poses. Natasha gushes that modeling can help with that shyness. It seems like posing nude really has empowered her! I was wondering if YOU could model for your dear old mom?' Natasha asks.

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Gianna smiles nervously, though plays with her hair like before, which suggests that she likes the compliment. Gianna briefly mentions how her day was pretty uneventful and shyly thanks her for the compliment on her hair, smoothing down her own hair, but is curious. She notices that Gianna is aroused now and tells her that it's the most natural thing in the world! Natasha asks how her favorite step-daughter's day was and compliments her on how nice her hair looks, clearly buttering her up for something. Besides, she barely even notices naked bodies anymore, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about! That'll help her feel sexy and confident. What about that guy Ryan from her 18th birthday party a xhamster ma femme est une salope photo salope poilue few months ago. Eager to experience even more, Gianna is quick to do the same in return. Gianna has a crush on him, right? Natasha gives a dramatic sigh, remarking that her regular model had to cancel at the last minute. It's not so bad! You're an artist's dream!' Natasha encourages as Gianna strips completely down. Gianna admits that she's nervous and has no idea how to pose. Even with the encouragement, Gianna is nervous about stripping down. She also can't get enough of her mother's heaving bosoms, wanting to suck on them. She turns away from Natasha, which gives Natasha a good look at her cute butt. Gianna is flustered, insisting that she's not having sex with anyone.

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'But you draw nude pictures! Gianna is flustered again. Gianna's unable to resist the puppy eyes and reluctantly agrees to help. Natasha draws nude people all the time! Gianna shares a sympathetic look, saying that it's really too bad and that she wishes she could help, but. Natasha amps up the provocative poses now, encouraging Gianna along the way, telling her that she's doing amazing! Read the rest of this entry. Gianna seems to be enjoying herself, being more accepting of her step-mom's exuberant praise as she becomes more comfortable in her skin. Gianna, though hesitant, is intrigued and opens her legs.

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Maybe she'll even finally get Ryan's attention. Natasha moves away from the easel and approaches Gianna, telling her to spread her legs for the next pose. Natasha assures her that everything will be fine! The praise becomes more sexual, too, as Natasha gushes about Gianna's breasts and her pussy, saying that she's the epitome of a sexy anna is aroused and embarrassed now, and this is when Natasha sees her chance to strike. Natasha's touches are light but with the male gaze to showcase Gianna's form.

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